10 Forms of Industrial Disease and Injury That Could Lead To A Claim

Accidents at work and industrial disease can have a major impact on peoples’ lives. Here are 10 things that people have suffered from, which have led to compensation.
1. Industrial deafness is the permanent loss of hearing that affects people who have been exposed to loud noises involved in their job.
2. Tinnitus is another hearing condition caused by exposure to noise, where the sufferer can hear a ringing in their ears without any external sources.
3. Jobs that involve vibrating equipment can lead to a condition called Workers Compensation Examples vibration white finger, where people’s fingers are damaged.
4. Asbestos-related illnesses are some of the most serious industrial diseases that people suffer from. Mesothelioma is a form of lung cancer that affects the thin membranes that line people’s chests.
5. Another disease caused by exposure to asbestos is asbestosis, a progressive condition that may start off without symptoms but can later cause breathing difficulties and severe coughing.
6. People suffering a spinal injury as a result of an accident at work can have their lifestyle severely compromised by the problem. Whether it’s physiotherapy or ongoing support that is required, you may be entitled to compensation.
7. Falling objects and car accidents can often a head injury. This can cause brain damage in the more severe cases or could lead to psychological problems.
8. Occupations like bakers, flour confectioners and spray painters may be vulnerable respiratory disease, which can include lung problems and breathing difficulties.
9. Skin diseases are caused by an exposure to chemical irritants, including solvents and cutting fluids. Hairdressers and barbers are particularly at risk.
10. Unfortunately, there may be incidents where a fatal accident occurs. Whether it’s due to faulty machinery, a road traffic collision or another accident, the family of the victim may be entitled to make a claim.
If your life has been affected by an industrial disease like vibration white finger or have suffered an No Fault Insurance Definition injury through an accident in the workplace, why not speak to a solicitor about your right to claim?

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