Accident Injury Claims Are Different for Motorcyclists

Common knowledge tells us it’s safer to ride in an automobile than on a motorcycle. But that doesn’t deter the millions of motorcyclists who enjoy the freedom of their two-wheeled vehicles, let alone benefits such as fuel savings and an almost unlimited amount of parking possibilities!
However, facts are facts. Statistically, the dangers of riding a motorcycle are well-documented. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle riders make up less than 2 percent of all traffic, yet account for nearly 5 percent of traffic fatalities.
The good news is motorcycle fatalities seem to be trending down in some areas. While another NHTSA study shows nationwide motorcycle deaths as being up by 2 percent in 2008, Florida and California motorcycle fatalities have been on a slow but steady decline since 2005. This is in part due to increased motorcycle safety education, and stricter attention to safety gear such as helmets in those states.
But through all of this, the reality remains that motorcycle riders are more susceptible to fatality and serious injury than riders of other types of more well-protected vehicles.
Personal Injury Claims
Motorcycle injuries are often debilitating to the point where the victim might not be able to work again, or only on a limited basis. There is generally a big difference in the severity level of injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents compared to automobile accidents. A side swipe or fender bender in a car could be fatal or cause serious injury to a biker.
Motorcyclists have the same rights as anybody else on the road. Yet there will always be some societal bias and stereotyping surrounding them. This is why it’s How Does Workman’S Comp Work In Illinois important to be very organized and meticulous with all information when filing a personal injury claim for injuries incurred from a motorcycle accident.
Once fault for a personal injury claim is determined and full or partial negligence can be shown on the part of another party, it might be time to contact a motorcycle accident attorney. Keep in mind that speed and the absence of protective head gear are almost always factors in motorcycle accident cases.
Many times the injuries suffered by motorcycle riders are so severe that they are incapacitated and therefore unable to immediately give a police report or a description of the circumstances surrounding the accident.
In cases like these, any future injury claims and subsequent compensation will be heavily based on a thorough police report and statements from witnesses, if applicable. The family or those close to the victim will also need to get involved No Fault Insurance Definition in order to follow through with insurance claims. Additionally, someone will need to take the lead in contacting a motorcycle accident law firm to enlist the services of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, if necessary.
Statistically and logically, riding on a motorcycle is much more dangerous than traveling in a four-wheeled vehicle. However, that danger can be diminished by adhering to safety guidelines, which include wearing the proper protective gear and employing a “defensive riding” mindset. Experience driving on the road is also important, as being able to avoid hazardous situations is key to safe biking.

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