Accidents at Bulk Stores

Large retailers who sell items in bulk quantities have grown in popularity as Americans seek to cut back on spending during tough economic times. However, these specialty stores present unique risks to the consumers that other stores may not. If you are shopping in one of these stores, it is important to understand that certain hazards exist that could lead to bodily harm. Many of these accidents are preventable if the employees engage in safe practices and optimal maintenance at all times.

Employees, management, and maintenance staff are responsible for providing a safe environment for all patrons, which includes keeping the store as sanitary as possible and keeping the aisles and shelves hazard-free. When this is not done, the staff may be responsible for any injuries Personal Injury Lawyer Salary California that result. If you have recently been hurt by a falling object, slippery floor, or any other unsafe condition at a bulk store, you have a right to legal representation for your claim. Contact an experienced attorney to discuss whether or not you have a viable claim for compensation.

The following accidents are common in bulk food stores and may be the result of negligence:

Slip-and-fall accidents on wet, greasy, or unmopped floors

Infections due to unsanitary conditions in the store or public restrooms

Falling object injuries due to unkempt, disorganized shelves

Toxic airborne chemicals in ventilation system

Accidents due to inadequate lighting

The injuries that can be sustained from these accidents vary in severity. However, slip-and-fall accidents and falling object injuries can be extremely serious, leading to life-long consequences such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury. If you Accidental Death Synonym have been a victim of an accident at a bulk store, you may be entitled to financial compensation under the law to help pay for any damages that occurred as a result. The best way to acquire these funds is through the help of an experienced attorney.

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To learn more about your rights as an injured victim following an accident at a bulk food store, visit the web site of the experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyers of the Charles D. Hankey Law Office, P.C. today.