Accidents at the Crossroads: When Bikes and Cars Collide

Bicycles are considered vehicles in most states, especially California; yet they can be vulnerable to accidents. Statistics show that 11 percent of all the bicycle accidents that happen across the United States usually involve a collision with a four-wheeled vehicle. With this percentage, 45 percent of them usually happen at the crossroads; that is, at intersections. That 45 percent is an alarming statistic, considering that the bikers seldom use the intersection as their route for traveling.
The reason for the bicycle and the bicycle rider’s vulnerability for encountering a car collision usually boil down to the fact that the vehicle is light-framed and unenclosed. Most of the time, car drivers are not wary of their surroundings, especially when driving. Using their rear view and side mirrors greatly help them in making driving decisions. However, despite their aims to exercise reasonable care towards others, they may unsuspectingly bump on a moving bicycle.
Intersection collisions between a car and bike involve a lot of factors. An apparent factor is the existence of a bicycle stop sign. Accidents happen at stop signs because of the confusion led by the right-of-way. Client Management For Lawyers In properly eliminating such accidents, bikers must always keep themselves visible to other motorists. They must also be on the lookout for approaching vehicles, especially in the intersection.
Collisions of cars and bikes also happen because bikers ride against the traffic. It is a big no-no for bikers, as this is against the traffic laws. Doing so will increase the chances of the biker to collide Will My Car Be The Same After An Accident with other cars that may result to physical injury. A driver may be surprised to see a bike heading the wrong direction, which makes it difficult for him to maneuver the vehicle away from the running bike.
In order to avoid intersection accidents between the bike and the car, it is important to exercise the following methods of driving a bike:
• The biker must always make himself visible to others by wearing bright and reflective clothing and installing the front and rear lamps of the bike.
• The biker must always be on the lookout for approaching vehicles, which is an outstanding requirement not only for him but for the motorist as well.
• The biker must drive defensively.
There are intersections accidents in which the driver can be considered liable. If the traffic laws determine that it is so, the biker can file a personal injury claim and have a talk with a respectable lawyer from any of the available Santa Monica law firms to help for its settlement.

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