Alcohol and Your Driving Ability

Most people are aware that driving under the influence of alcohol, in addition to being illegal, dramatically increases your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. However, fewer people are fully educated about why this risk exists. The truth is that alcohol has many physical and psychological effects that make safe driving much more difficult.

The Effects Workers Compensation Car Accident Settlement of Drinking

Some of the potentially harmful effects of alcohol consumption include:

Visual impairments – When you are intoxicated, your eyes will likely move more slowly and may fail to focus properly. This can result in blurred vision, impaired night vision, and difficulty visually following moving objects.

Coordination – Hand-eye coordination can be seriously affected by intoxication. This can make it more difficult to accurately steer and correctly use the brakes, gas pedal, and gearshift.

Reflexes – Drinking can slow your reflexes, which negatively affects your ability to quickly react to the world around Do I Have A Personal Injury Case you. This can be highly dangerous if the car ahead of you suddenly stops, or if a pedestrian steps into the road.

Judgment – Alcohol lowers inhibitions and impairs critical thinking. This increases the likelihood of making dangerous mistakes, such as speeding, failure to observe traffic signs, and other reckless acts.

Alertness – Drinking often leads to drowsiness, which can affect memory, awareness of the environment, and other important cognitive skills. It also increases the risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

As you can see, drinking makes it highly difficult to safely operate a motor vehicle. If you are going to have a drink while you are out, arranging a ride home can help you avoid painful and potentially life-changing consequences.

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