All About Car Accident Claims

Sooner or later you will most likely be involved in some type of traffic related accident. When that happens, you will have to deal with your insurance Solicitor Advocate agent, and the agents of the other people who are involved in the accident, too. Now is the time to learn all you can about car accident claims.
The first place you should call when you have an accident and all of the injured are taken care of is your insurance company. Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Near Me Let your agent know all about the accident and whether or not there were any injuries. Give him as many details as you can.
If you are uninjured, write down as much about what happened as you can. Talk to the other driver and record all of the information about his vehicle. You will also need, his driver’s license number, his phone and his address.
If you have any way to take pictures of the accident, by all means do so. It is especially important to take pictures showing how the accident happened and the damage that was done to the cars involved. If you can, take pictures of the injured, too.
Make it a point to talk with anyone who saw the accident happen. Get their names, addresses and phone numbers. You may need this information to prove your insurance claim. The witnesses can, also, be called to testify if the insurance company decides to dispute your claim.
If you have access to some type of recording technology when the accident happens, record everything that is being said. Do the same when you have to talk with the insurance investigators from both your company and the other person’s company. Afterwards, listen to the recording and take notes from it.
Save all of your receipts for expenses related to your insurance claim. This would include any repair work that you have done on your vehicle. If you have any medical expenses due to injuries sustained in the accident, keep those receipts, too.
When you talk with the insurance investigators, always be honest and above board with them. Be aware of the fact that they will be looking for reasons to declare your claim fraudulent. If you are truthful, they won’t be able to do that.
Never tell anyone you were liable for the accident. Whenever anyone asks you questions, be straightforward and give them the facts. Don’t give anyone your opinion. You have no responsibility in determining the liability in the accident. That is the reason the insurance investigators are asking questions and gathering information. They will determine who is liable.
If you have any health insurance policies, read over them to see if they cover injuries from car accidents. You can file a claim with them, too, if they do.
After the accident, read over your insurance policy and find out the time frame your insurance company gives for filing claims. In order for your claim to be valid, it must be filed within the correct time period.
Read over your insurance policy every few months so that you are familiar with its terms. You need to know what it covers and what the company requires of you. If you do that regularly, filing car accident claims won’t be a problem.

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