An Auto Accident – Whose Fault is It?

One of the first questions that arise after a car collision is who was at fault? This question is usually answered by a written police report that is made at the site of the accident. However, on occasion you may need more than a police report to determine who was at fault. Sometimes the aid of an expert witness may be necessary. It also helps to understand Solicitors Uk the local traffic laws. This helps tremendously in determining who was at fault. For example, some states have regulations and laws against the use of hand-held devices while driving and the other driver may have been using a cell phone before the accident. This knowledge would help you prove your opinion that the other driver was the cause of the accident.
The police report may be obtained at the police department. Typically, there is a small fee associated with obtaining a copy of the police report. The report has a lot of important information pertaining to the accident. It will usually state who was at fault. This report will list who was involved and their phone numbers, any potential witnesses, statements from both drivers involved, Car Accident Lawyer Fees weather conditions, road conditions, time of day, and the location. This report will help tremendously in determining who was at fault. Unfortunately, it may not have information regarding the use of a hand-held device, such as a cell phone, by the other driver at the time of the accident. This is when a statement from a witness will become useful in determining who was at fault.

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