Arabella Is My Name! (Part Three)

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1031px” alt=””/>- My brother is dead! I said to her in a faint voice.
– Your brother? No, No, that is not true dear!
– They told me so at the school few minutes ago.
– What school dear?
– This school!
– There is no school here. Are you OK dear?
I looked at the face of the old woman wondering what she was talking about and why she cannot see our school behind me! I looked back at our school trying to point out to her the yellow building just behind us, but, strangely enough, I could not see anything there.
– You probably lost direction as you walked a long way!
– No, that is not possible. I haven’t moved an inch from our school gate!
I replied back, while I was trying hard to control myself from crying again.
– If I am not near my school, where am I then?
– This is Wishes Village.
– Wishes Village? Where?
– Yes, Wishes Village, villages Overwhelmed After Car Accident like these could be anywhere!
– No, no it cannot be! This is impossible, I live in London.
– London? No dear. Nobody uses such a name here!
The only thing I can think of was that the old woman wasn’t telling me the truth. That was why I turned away from her quickly and ran back to where I came from few minutes ago, believing somehow, that my school was still there! However, despite my effort trying to move away from her, I was still able to hear her clearly saying:
– You do not need to run. You can be anywhere you want to be, just by wishing.
Then I heard her with a different voice, as if she was speaking through me:
– Remember, you have lots of wishes, for Suing For Injury In Car Accident you and for your dad. Use them now!
I kept running until I felt I have no more energy to move forward. Tiredness and pain in my leg, as well as shortness of breath, stopped me completely from running. I collapsed on the wet grass, staring at the grey darkening sky, with wide open eyes.
For few moments, there was a complete silence. Then I felt at peace and, somehow, I was fully content with my situation. It was like I had no more wishes or desires for anything. The only desire I had was to be left alone there. The feeling was overwhelming; I was not sure how to describe it. It was something like I was everything and, at the same time, I was nothing! I was aware of everything, yet, I could not utter a word! But this situation did not last long, as suddenly I heard a feminine voice calling my name repeatedly, and in a consistent demanding way. The voice was trying hard to wake me up immediately, even though it felt I was fully awake, all the time, when I was there!
– Arabella, Arabella – wake up wake up. Wakeup now, it is all over. Your operation was successful and you will be able to go home soon. Your dad, your brother and Christine are all here with you!
I looked up again trying to find the sky above me but there was only a grey ceiling with a faint light in the corner. My leg was hurting me and my mouth was sore and dry. There was a tube connected to my left arm and bandages covering my left leg and part of my right hand. I tried to talk but I could not find my voice. I tried to check if my dad was there but I could not bend my neck. Just as I was trying to close my eyes, I heard him saying:
– You will be fine dear, everything will be fine.
Then I heard Kevin whispering in my ear:
– Hey, I am the one who suppose to be in the hospital, not you!
So, was I really in the hospital and not Kevin? But why?
– Don’t worry dear, you had a small accident as you were trying to cross the street, you will be fine. My dad whispered in my ear trying to assure me while he was holding my right hand.
I tried hard to talk to my dad, somehow, eventually and with great difficulty I managed to say to him:
– Where am I?
– In the hospital!
– No, I mean are we in a village?
– Village? No dear, you must have been dreaming!
– Where are we?
– Arabella, we are still in the same part of London were we always lived!
– So, the old lady who talked to me does not exist?
– Old lady?
– Yes, the old Scottish lady!
I heard my dad saying something to Kevin and to Christine then both of them left the room and then my dad said:
– It was all in the dream; we heard you talking while you were sleep. Kevin and Christine will come and see you again later on when you are feeling better; your friends from the school will be with them.
I wanted to forget everything, I wanted to sleep and wake up later at our home, not in the hospital. I looked at the ceiling again, I noticed the light was not there anymore. My father touched my head and kissed me on the cheek, then quietly left the room. The only question left inside my head was about Mrs. White, my English teacher. Did I really meet her with Christine, or was this also part of the hospital dream?

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