Are Insurance Companies to Blame for More Whiplash Claims?

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1031px” alt=””/>There is a lot of talk about personal injury claims at the moment, and insurance companies are taking much of the heat for a rise in whiplash claims following road traffic accidents.
Although there are many more vehicles on the roads these days, this alone does not necessarily mean we are at greater risk of being involved or injured in an accident, suffering damage to our cars or being a witness at a scene of an accident. In fact, our roads are generally much safer places these days.
But that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen and that people don’t suffer a personal injury on the roads.
So, how can we account for the rise in whiplash and other personal injury claims that are being seen? And is it right that because more How To Become A Barrister Uk claims are being made by injured parties with the help of free lawyers and legal teams everyone’s insurance costs are going up?
It has been suggested that insurance companies themselves could be to blame for the rise in whiplash compensation claims, and even the government is taking action to ensure the industry is working properly with the interests of motorists at heart.
Figures from market research agency Ipsos MORI suggest that nearly two-thirds of those injured in a car accident are contacted by insurance companies about making a personal injury claim, not approached by an attorney or lawyer.
If the injured party decides to proceed with a claim their details are then ‘sold’ to the highest paying legal team, who will handle the procedures, get witness statements, collect medical reports and fight for compensation. They can work on proving the injury and the right to compensation and it is their job to see the case resolved satisfactorily according to the regulations.
Of course, if injury compensation is justified then the injured party is right to seek out a legal team to handle their claim and give them the best possible chance of being financially compensated.
But another issue arises as some whiplash claims, or even the accidents themselves, are set-up or fraudulent, which costs the insurance injury millions. It can be hard going proving that a case is fake, and in some situations claims are paid when they are not justified or the injury is not worth the amount given.
Not all insurance companies or solicitors will encourage people to make a claim when it is in their own interests and not the injured parties, Features Of Workmen Compensation Act 1923 Pdf but the problem is certainly having an effect on the number of claims procedures being started and the rising cost of insurance premiums.
The process of selling on the details of an injured person will be banned next year, which may bring down the number of whiplash claims; it will certainly have a positive effect on those who are encouraging people to make fake claims.
Until then motorists must continue to use common sense when considering a personal injury claim for a road traffic accident and only work with a reputable legal expert who they have selected.

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