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Always ensure that your solicitor is:

A Member of the Law Society panel of personal injury experts.

A Member of the Claims Standards Council.

Additionally your claim can use the no win no fee scheme and/or the conditional fee agreement (CFA). This means you will be paid any compensation in full with no deductions whatsoever. You will have no disbursements to pay and our expenses or any medical fees you incur are waived; you additionally will not need to pay for insurance.

The Department of Transport (UK) Statistics:

According to these statistics every year there are 3,’000 fatalities, and 40,000 serious injuries plus 150,000 minor to serious injuries are caused as a direct result of road accidents!

It is imperative that you ensure you are represented by a professional and seek legal advice as soon as possible. A claim can be a complex and often long drawn out process in certain circumstances. It is important that someone is always on hand to help simplify matters and make things easier for you. Further more an experienced professional will have an idea of what your case may be worth from past cases they have dealt with and so will not settle for less than a fair amount.

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