Back Injuries, Bulging Discs & Spinal Cord Injuries After Truck Accidents

Back injuries are the most common injuries that personal injury lawyers hear about. Since your back basically holds you up, one Negotiation Settlement would wonder how it is that your spinal cord seems so easy to injure.A� The effects of back injuries can often be devastating.
Spinal injuries and herniated discs can ruin your life. Your back is fundamentally important to your overall physical well-being. Often, an injury to your back will lead to a wide range of other health problems. Damage to the spine is possibly one of the worst physical injuries anyone can suffer. Our spinal cord is the most important structure which allows us to move our body. A recent example would be Christopher Reeve, who after being thrown from his horse in a competition, suffered a life-altering spinal cord injury and became a quadriplegic for the rest of his life.
While you might think it would take a huge amount of force to cause a serious spinal cord or back injury, in fact, a disc can herniate just by a person twisting too quickly. Thus, when a large and powerful tractor-trailer crashes into a small car or motorcycle, this impact can cause serious back injuries. Semi-Trucks are extremely large and can carry a large amount of weight, even more so with an attached trailer and cargo. With this immense weight, trucks become wrecking machinery, carrying more might than anything else on Texas roadways.
Moreover, many tractor-trailer collisions occur because a semi-truck rear-ends a car. When a car is rear-ended, the car’s driver is snapped back and forth, severely traumatizing the spine and causing a back injury. When that happens in conjunction with the force exerted by a tractor-trailer, it’s disastrous.
Many people have unfortunately been involved in 18-Wheeler collisions throughout Texas and these tractor-trailer crashes have left them permanently and severely injured. In Texas big rig accident cases, it is crucial that appropriate compensation is sought to for both your mental suffering and physical injuries.
Common causes of truck accidents include defective truck equipment, negligent hiring, overloaded trucks, unsecured loads, truck driver fatigue, truck drivers driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, unsafe road conditions, How To Find A Good Lawyer Reddit and negligent truck maintenance.A� Eighteen-wheelers and large trucksA�often weigh 10 times more than passenger vehicles.A� When a collision occurs, the smallerA� vehicle’s driver and passenger can be seriously injured.A�

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