Baldwin Park Car Accidents Caused by Red-Light Runners

An established community centered in the San Gabriel Valley, the busy 605 and 10 Freeways flank Baldwin Park in Los Angeles County, California. In a city with over 81,000 people, Baldwin Park car accident attorneys will admit that, car crashes are pretty much inevitable and that red-light runners are a problem.
Looking at 2001 through 2003 statistics, the city had 16 fatal car collisions, according to reports gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is a rate of 2.1 fatal Baldwin Park car crashesper 10,000 people. Although lower than the national norm, these numbers were still troubling.
In 2006, Baldwin Park traffic accident statistics by the California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) revealed that four people were killed and 302 were injured in city car collisions. Those who drove while intoxicated were responsible for one death and 36 car crash injuries. Baldwin Park bicycle accidents injured 14. Motorcycle collisions injured 21. Pedestrian accidents resulted in two fatalities and 17 personal injuries.
In 2007, there were three car collisions resulting in as many fatalities in the city. That same year, almost 900 people were killed and an estimated 153,000 were injured in U.S. car crashes that involved red-light running. Approximately 50 percent of the fatalities caused by red light runners were pedestrians and occupants in other vehicles.
The average red-light runner is a younger driver under 30 years of age (male or female) with a poor driving record and multiple Preserve Statute Of Limitations speeding convictions. These scofflaws tend to drive smaller and older cars and often won’t use their seat belts.
Baldwin Park car collision lawyers have indicated that many of the city’s accidents are caused by motorists who run red lights at intersections. To reduce the number of Los Angeles car accidents, red-light cameras were installed at the city’s most dangerous intersections, and more than 600 warning letters have been sent out. Most violations occurred at Baldwin Park and Ramona Boulevards, according to Baldwin Park Police Department’s Traffic Bureau. Seven cameras and violation sensors were installed at five of the city’s highest-risk intersections. The red-light camera locations include Merced and Puente, Pacific and Puente, Puente and Francisquito, and Romona and Francisquito. Police said that a number of drivers simply ignore the red lights.
As of May 2008, photo enforcement systems monitor 175 intersections in Los Angeles County and hundreds more across the United States. I Was Injured At Work What Are My Rights In April 2009, over 400 communities use red-light cameras and speed cameras in more than 40 jurisdictions throughout the U.S.

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