Basics of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy occurs when an individual’s muscle tone, movement and general motor skills are negatively affected due to a birth injury. Along with these side effects, an individual might also have difficulty with vision, hearing, speech or general development. Cerebral palsy currently affects about 500,000 people in this country and is known to be one of the most common disorders in childhood.

Though doctors have yet to identify a singular cause, there are certain conditions that may lead to this disability, including problems in labor and delivery, maternal health issues, or premature birth. Oftentimes, this condition can be preventable and a negligent obstetrician may to be blame for your child’s injury. To learn more about cerebral palsy and your child’s rights as an injured victim, contact an experienced attorney right away to begin discussing your case.

There are several different forms of CP, including the following:

Spastic: Can cause stiffness and difficulty with movement

Athetoid: Can cause involuntary How To Get Big Personal Injury Cases movements

Ataxic: Can cause a distorted sense of balance and difficulty with depth perception

The results of CP varies in severity from individual to individual. Some people are able to live relatively normal, independent lives with very little help from others, while others may be partially or entirely dependent. No matter how it affects you or your child, it can truly be devastating if the injury could have been prevented by better medical care.

Because each case is unique and has its own individual circumstances, it is important to understand if you have a viable case in court. Many Accident Attorney San Bernardino law firms even have doctors or nurses on staff that can evaluate you or your child’s situation and see if malpractice may have occurred.

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