Bounce Back to Wellness Through Proper Hydration

Most of us look for complex solutions to our health problems. But keep it simple is the motto for bouncing back to wellness.
Imagine the earth during a drought period. The soil is cracked and parched. This soil is unproductive, it doesn’t grow healthy plants. If you pour water on this cracked soil it tends to just run off, until eventually the surface softens and it starts to absorb water.
Your body is similar to the parched earth. I would place a bet that you are de-hydrated right Workers Compensation Laws By State now. How do I know this? Because in testing clients over the years most people are!
The solution is simple. Drink more water.
Water Tips.
1. Use filtered water. If you don’t use a filter you are a filter, plus it works out less expensive than buying bottled water.
2. Carry a water bottle. Best to use metal or polycarbonate. Regular plastic give off toxic chemicals when they get hot.
3. Sip water throughout the day. you don’t need to be swilling water, just take it in at a steady rate during the day.
4. Add fresh mint or lemon to your water. Why not make it tastier!
5. Reduce caffeine drinks and alcohol. Dementia And No Power Of Attorney These drinks cause fluid loss.
As you start to drink more water you will most likely find that your thirst increases. This is the effect as you produce new healthy cells which are able to take up more water. Healthy well hydrated cells produce more energy and they burn more fat.
The simple message is if you want to bounce back to wellness you only need to do simple things to get started.

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