Can Caltrans Be Beat?

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1033px” alt=””/>Pearblossom Highway (CA State Route 138) is a notoriously dangerous roadway in Los Angeles County. The heirs of two (2) occupants of a SUV who lost their lives in a head-on motor vehicle collision consulted a personal injury firm. In addition the attorneys represented four (4) other occupants in the same SUV, each of whom suffered serious and debilitating personal injuries.
The families were returning to Ventura County from celebrating a First Holy Communion in Las Vegas. At approximately 2 a.m., while traveling through an area known as “twin bridges,” the two-vehicle collision occurred when an intoxicated driver crossed the center divider and struck the SUV head-on. Due to the sudden narrowing of the roadway at the location of the “twin bridges”, the driver of the SUV had no area of recovery for his vehicle and he was forced to collide with the oncoming vehicle driven by the intoxicated driver.
Additionally, the configuration of the roadway was such that there were many large dips, making visibility of oncoming traffic, for both Car Accident Reviews drivers, difficult, at best. Caltrans contended that the driver of the SUV was inattentive and that he contributed to the collision.
When Bureaucracy Leads to Tragedy
The driver of the adverse motor vehicle was uninsured and the driver of the SUV maintained only a small policy of liability insurance. The clients sought damages against the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), an agency of the State of California contending that the roadway was a “dangerous condition”. During the pendency of the lawsuit, the personal injury attorney discovered that a widening of the “twin bridges” had been approved by Caltrans several years prior to this substantial collision. However, the job had fallen between the cracks due to changing personnel within the Department.
It was further determined that the particular stretch of highway where the incident took place had an accident rate more than twenty (20) times that which was considered to be acceptable for similar roadways in California. Essentially, Caltrans buried its head in the sand and did NOTHING about a known dangerous and life-threatening problem on a public highway.
Multi-Million Dollar Personal Injury Court Tv Who Pays Settlement
Although there are various requirements that must be met in order to bring an action against a public entity such as Caltrans, it can and is often done by knowledgeable personal injury attorneys. Failure to handle the “process” timely and correctly can be just the beginning of compounding a harrowing loss for claimants. It is important to hire personal injury attorneys that are experienced litigators who know the proper procedure to follow in order to pursue a claim against a governmental agency, as well as other parties who are at fault for causing personal injuries to victims of automobile, motorcycle and pedestrian injury incidents. These substantial cases are expensive to pursue and it is imperative for a claimant to have experienced personal injury attorneys on your side. Clearly insurance companies and governmental agencies have very “deep pockets” to defend these types of lawsuits.
Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis and the attorneys advance all of the costs associated with your representation. You pay nothing until the case settles and then only a portion of the money received is earned by the law firm. While the families and parties in this claim suffered loss and injury, a settlement was eventually reached in the sum of $3,000,000.00 against Caltrans.

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