Can I Claim For Personal Injury?

If you have been injured in an accident then you may be entitled to claim compensation, but in order to do this you will need to identify someone who is either responsible for the accident, or who had a duty to prevent the accident but failed in this duty, or who is responsible for increasing the seriousness of the accident. This responsibility can arise under a number of different circumstances:
Legally, every person must ensure that he takes reasonable steps to guard against the possibility of causing harm to other people who it is reasonably foreseeable could be affected by his actions. If he fails to do this, he is guilty of negligence and any damage which results from this negligence is his fault.
Negligence can take many forms, for example, drivers have a duty to take reasonable care not to injure other road uses, and by driving carelessly, with less than full concentration or in contravention of the highway code, drivers may be negligent.
Employers Permanency Rating Car Accident Liability
All employees are responsible for the safety of their employees when at work, and there is a large amount of legislation setting out ‘health and safety’ rules which must be followed and steps which should be taken Injury At A Business to protect employees from harm. Employers who fail to follow these rules, or who do not think about the risks to their staff and try to prevent these may be liable for any personal injury which results.
Occupiers Liability
The occupier of premises has a legal duty to make sure that visitors to the premises are safe. The occupier can be the owner or tenant of premises, or may be the person who is responsible for the maintenance and management of a building. Any visitor who is injured in an accident which the occupier could reasonably have prevented will be able to claim against the occupier.
Breach of statutory duty
Sometimes the law places specific requirements on a person or organisation and a failure to comply with these requirements can result in that person or body being liable for any injury which is suffered as a result. For example, local authorities have a duty to maintain the roads in good condition and to clearly signpost and warn against hazards.
Once you have identified someone who is at fault than you may be able to make a personal injury claim. If this claim is successful then you will receive compensation which includes an award in recognition of the discomfort and inconvenience which your injury has caused you, as well as any financial losses which have resulted from this injury. Common types of financial loss which can be recovered include medical and rehabilitation expenses, loss of earnings due to being off work, transportation to and from hospital, the cost of buying special mobility or daily-living aids to help you overcome your injury and compensation in respect of your reduced ability to earn money in the future and further time off work which may be necessary if the injury continues to cause problems.

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