Car Accident Attorneys and Your Court Case

Car accident attorneys specialize in dealing with car accidents. If you’re in that situation, it’s always best to contact a lawyer that specializes in your type of case. Before a lawyer accepts How Has The Accident Affected My Life your case, they will ask you a serious of questions. Your answers will help determine if you have a case or not. Below you will find some possible questions a lawyer might ask you.
Questions to Expect for the Lawyer
1. Did you cause the accident? This will probably be the first thing you’re asked. The reason is because you don’t have a case if you caused the accident. You can’t sue another person for damages when it was all your fault. In fact, you better hope the other person isn’t getting ready to sue you! If you have a case, the lawyer will tell you how to proceed. If you don’t have a case, the lawyer will explain why and send you on your way.
2. Did you suffer any injuries? If you were seriously hurt, then the lawyer needs to know. You’ll have to explain your injuries in detail. The lawyer will also need to see receipts and doctor’s reports. Anything to prove that your injures were serious will help your case.
3. How did the accident affect your life? This is when you give details about how your life has changed for the worse following the accident. Do you suffer from chronic pain? Did you lose your job because Car Accident Lawyer Fees your injury prevents you from working? Did you lose a loved-one in the accident? Did you lose your car and cannot get a new one? The lawyer will want to know all the information you can provide.
4. How did the accident happen? To the best of your ability, you will have to explain exactly what lead up to the accident. It would probably help to have the police report when you’re doing this. It’s sometimes difficult to remember what happened on the day of an accident – especially if you were hurt or scared. The police report should have a good description of what happened. You can always give your details if you disagree with anything on the report.
Contacting car accident attorneys might feel intimidating. However, keep in mind that getting the legal help you need is important. You will probably have to contact several lawyers before you find the right one. However, it’s worth the time if you’ll get help in court to get any financial remuneration you’re due.

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