Car Accident Claims Procedure – What to Do and When

Even if you have had a car accident that clearly was not your fault, when it comes to paying out compensation, insurance companies will try and get away with paying out as little as possible.
In order to ensure that you get the full amount that you are entitled to it is important that you are very careful with how you go about making a claim. Let us first assume that you have had an accident Solicitor Advocate which you believe was not your fault. This accident could be any event which has resulted in your vehicle being damaged or that has caused you to suffer emotional or physical injury, or both.
In most cases the first stage in most serious accidents if for someone to phone the police. When the police arrive to take a statement from you it is very important that you do not try and influence them in any way. Do not be too enthusiastic in emphasising that it was not your fault. Let them decide this for themselves. The next important thing that you must try and do is to take photos of the accident. If your case ends up going to court then you being able to produce a photo of the accident scene will make it a lot easier for people to sympathise with your position. The third, and perhaps most important, task is to try and find a witness who is willing to testify in your favour. In car accident claims, having a witness becomes more and more important as the process progresses.
Once you have dealt with the initial shock of an accident it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company. They will then investigate the incident and want a full statement of events from you.
Very few car accident claims end up going to court. If they do then you need to have some form of legal representation. In most cases this can be done on a no win, no fee basis which means that you will not have to pay legal costs should you lose the case. As of April 6th 2010 you may also be able to benefit from the new fast track process for car accident claims. Car accident claims can take anything up to a year or more to settle. This fast track system will mean that you receive your money much, much sooner. It also means that you may be able to recover compensation of up to A�1,000 even before proceeding have concluded.
If your case does go to court then it is in your interests to use a legal firm that is local and that specialise in Incident Investigation Techniques car accident claims. Using this local, expert knowledge will mean that the process is as stress free as possible.

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