Car Crash Risks Reduced by the Latest Technological Advancements

Vehicle accidents caused by the use of mobile phones while driving are still a major problem – despite some countries introducing a blanket ban on the use of hand-held phones while in control of a vehicle. Most of those countries still allow the use of hands-free kits for mobile phone use while driving, although there are exceptions; Israel, Japan, Portugal and Singapore have all introduced a complete ban on any cell phone use while at the wheel.
Even those nations that have introduced such measures still suffer from an epidemic of unnecessary car accidents due to people flaunting the bans – for instance, roughly 25% of all vehicular collisions in the US are thought to be caused by mobile phone-related incidents.
In an attempt to reduce the number of accident claims and injuries or fatalities caused by cell phone use while driving, various companies have devised applications designed to reduce the temptation to use mobiles on the move.
This nifty smartphone app automatically disables the mobile when it detects that the user is travelling at driving speed – although users are able to manually override the program when travelling as a passenger. The company behind PhonEnforcer, Turn Off The Cell Phone, claims that its product is effective in helping generally responsible drivers who would perhaps otherwise occasionally answer ‘just this one call’.
Similarly, this application automatically locks up the user’s mobile phone screen as they pull away in the car and suppresses incoming calls, texts and emails. One particularly useful feature Lawyer Responsibility To Client is the option to set an automated message that is either texted or emailed to the person in question, letting them know that the user is currently driving and will be in touch in due course.
Despite the name, tXtblocker prevents drivers from accessing the phones call functions as well as impeding text message use while on the move. This one works by specifying locations and times of day where calls and messages are not allowed – meaning it’s also useful for parents wanting to let their kids have mobiles without the worry of using them at school or other inappropriate times. Pre-defined emergency numbers are always available for use.
The ominously-titled Textecution, on the other hand, does exclusively disable the use of text messages whenever it detects movement of over 10mph. It’s aimed largely at parents with teenage children or employers for installation on company phones. Again, those travelling as passengers can override the app for four hours at a time through the ‘Request Permission’ function, which contacts the person who installed the program for consent before unlocking text capabilities.
Mobivox Minor Car Accident Procedure Qld
This company doesn’t market its product exclusively as a safety device; it offers a range of general calling and messaging services. However, one feature allows users to record a voice-activated message which is then automatically transcribed and sent to anybody trying to contact the user via text message or email. The only downside is that those trying to get in touch must already be in the user’s Mobivox address box.

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