Causes of a Stroke

The causes of a stroke, from a medical perspective, are a daunting series of problems with blood flow into arguably the most important part of the human body: the brain. Without a functioning brain, the information necessary to pump blood, support breathing, or support voluntary movement would all be lost to the body. A stroke, can occur in several different ways, causing serious problems for physicians in terms of finding the best course of treatment.
What is known as a thrombotic stroke occurs when a clot gathers in such a way as to block the regular flow of blood to the brain. Unlike other types of stroke, this can be a slow event, building up over time before symptoms are readily obvious. Eventually, the buildup causes people Road Accident Case Type to lose a sufficient amount of blood to their brain to the point of cells dying. Once a sufficient number of cells perish, the result is the on-set of stroke symptoms, including the classically recognized limp face and arms that cannot be maintained in a lifted position.
Unlike a thrombotic stroke, an embolic stroke may occur whenever the blood stream is blocked by a foreign body. This may include a thrombus, the cause a thrombotic stroke, or it may include a large number of various other materials that can block blood vessels. These materials may include fractured pieces of bone, fat cells, cancer, a grouping of bacteria, and even a large air bubble.
A hemorrhage is another major source of strokes. This can occur due to trauma, drug use, blood disorders, aneurysms, and weaknesses within a person’s blood vessels. When this occurs, blood is not lost to the brain due to a blockage or stoppage, but instead, is caused either by the pressure of the pooling blood or by the spillage.
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