Claiming Compensation After an Accident

I recently had a car accident and it wasn’t my fault. HONESTLY! People never believe you when you say “It wasn’t my fault” but it wasn’t so there. Anyway, some guy shunted me from behind – no puerile comments please, that was not a euphemism; my rear bumper was all smashed up and I had some neck pain.
The post-crash analysis was all amicable enough, the gentleman gave me his insurance details, admitted liability and the car would have been fixed, but in the next few days the neck pain worsened. I was reluctant to call it whiplash because of all the stigma, it felt like a cop-out – a Personal Injury Claim Settlement Process pseudo injury if you like. I hate the ‘where there’s a blame there’s a claim’ culture and have always been fairly adamant that if I was injured I would not actively try to sue someone. But now that it has come down to it, and I am injured, I have to admit that it was a naive stance.
This injury has cost me 8 working days and 2 weekends so far, as well as physical pain and discomfort. And while I don’t want to financially damage the gentleman, who – let’s remember was courteous and amiable, I am aware that he is covered by his insurance company.
I did my research and got in touch with a local no win, no fee solicitor and there was really no need for all my anxiety. This sort of thing happens every day and insurance companies are set up for dealing with it. Within 10 weeks I had my compensation cheque and the chap that had caused the accident was no worse off as his insurers paid the bill. I also didn’t have to pay any of my compensation to my solicitor as those costs were also absorbed by the insurance company. While I would never go out of my way to seek compensation, I now know that if I am entitled to it, it is not as scary as you would think.
Conclusion What Is An Avvo Lawyer Rating
My initial moral high ground about whether or not to seek compensation was unfounded. I still maintain that I would not ‘actively’ seek compensation, however if, in the future, I am involved in an accident again and it is not my fault, I will certainly consider a claim. Insurance companies exist for this purpose, and in my case I was due compensation for pain caused and loss of earnings, the insurance company agreed and my cheque was in the post.

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