Common Reasons For High Car Accident Rates

Every hour, almost 4 people get involved in a serious car accident all over the world. The causes can be numerous including reckless driving, bad weather conditions, faulty car parts, drugs, alcohol etc. Most of the accidents can be prevented if each one of us takes a little time out to explore the common causes of car wrecks and then try and make sure to avoid it.

According to statistics and injury attorneys, some of the most common ways a car accident can happen are:

Reckless driving by underage teenagers: excitement coupled with the lack of respect for the law, inexperience, and a need to perform better among their peers by showing off, results in one of the biggest percentage of people being injured during car wrecks.

Attentiveness: another reason of most car accidents is the lack of attention people pay on the road. Clearwater car accidents lawyers narrates that most of the car accidents caused on the roads are due to lack of attention towards the road, talking excessively while driving, texting while driving and taking emotional or unnecessary phone calls that diverts the attention of the driver. This not only poses a threat to the driver itself and his well being but other drivers on the road are affected by it

Alcohol: People driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are unable to control their vehicles properly and end up in car wrecks. Every state has clear regulations to the amount of alcohol that can be consumed and still drive safely but a lot of people on the road breach the law every single day.

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Faulty car parts: headlights, break, engine and indicators are some of the most common parts of the car that may cause an accident if they fail to function. Injury attorneys suggest that proper car tune up, regular oil change and inspection insures that your car functions properly.

Bad weather: It is advised never to drive your car when you feel that you may lack control over it. Thousands of accidents occur each year when a car skids during ice or dense fog, heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Alertness: A lot of people continue driving for long hours even though it is advised by car accident lawyers and experts 5 Types Of Tier 3 Crashes not to drive a car continuously for more then 8 hours a day. Many accidents occur when drivers fall asleep in the car.

Street racing: Many teenagers and auto enthusiast try to race their friends and family on the road Pain And Suffering Meaning and not only put themselves in danger but the lives of other drivers are at risk as well.

Animals: Sometimes animals can pop out of nowhere and can distract and surprise you hence causing a collision. Stay alert and look out for animals when the posted signs tell you to.

If each one of us follows a few basic rules, learn to respect the life and property of the other person and be more responsible, then accidents can be greatly reduced.