Common Road Defects and Hazards

Our roads suffer through repeated use, as well as constant exposure to wind, rain, and other corrosive elements. Because of the use and abuse, roads tend to wear down over time. When this happens and no one fixes the errors, road defects may be scattered throughout a roadway.
Road hazards refer to defects on and around any road. The term is an umbrella for a number of abnormalities that may hamper safe driving. Commonly, road defects are thought of as:
A� Uneven pavement
A� Damaged guardrails
A� Potholes Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory
A� Shoulder drop-offs
A� Missing signs
A� Damaged street lights
Any of these faults on or along a roadway may seriously interfere with a driver’s ability to safely operate his or her vehicle. In some cases, these defects are the cause of accidents, while in other cases they may escalate the damage that results from other accidents.
Road defects may arise for a number of reasons. Most commonly, they occur through:
A� Municipal negligence
A� Construction negligence
Typically, individuals who wish to seek compensation from municipalities and construction companies for their road care negligence will have to Pip And Insurance file legal action against these bodies. This may or may not include taking the bodies to court, as they may choose to settle out of court.
Regardless of how municipalities and construction companies choose to handle the cases, it is important for citizens who decide to sue to seek experienced legal counsel to help them through the legal matters in their cases. By securing the assistance of an experienced attorney, the chances of securing necessary compensation greatly increase in a road defect lawsuit.

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