Dangerous Seat Belt Defects

Seat belts provide an important safety function in automobiles, but faulty seat belts Marks And Harrison may present a serious hazard to drivers and their passengers for a number of reasons.

Seat belts are meant to act as restraints for individuals when they are in an automobile collision. By acting as a restraint, Pain And Suffering Lawyer Near Me seat belts help prevent individuals from being ejected from a vehicle or crashing into the dashboard or other blunt objects.

When these restraints are defective, they may not restrain like they are supposed to, or they may provide excessive restraint. In either case, they may present serious dangers to those who are in the vehicle.

Defects may occur in any part of the restraint system. These parts are:

The belt that lies over the rider’s shoulder and lap

The buckle that secures the rider to the automobile

The locking mechanism that restrains the individual being braced

The seat itself

Each of these parts must work in unison in order to properly brace an individual and limit the amount of force inflicted on him or her. Unfortunately, restraint systems do not always work like they are supposed to, which may subject individuals to:

A lack of restraint

Blunt force trauma

Injuries from excessive restraint

Entrapment in the vehicle

The last consequence may occur when the belt’s buckle fails to unlatch after an accident. Entrapment in a vehicle may cause serious problems, especially if the vehicle’s engine explodes or if its fuel tank catches fire.

In many cases, defective restraints are the liability of the automobile’s manufacturer, though a third-party repair service may also be to blame.

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The experienced Lake Geneva car defect attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C. can help individuals determine the party at fault for their defective seat belts, as well as help individuals hold the responsible parties accountable.