Dangers of Brake Failure

Though most individuals may associate seat belts or airbags as the most important safety feature in an automobile, brakes are also incredibly vital in keeping you and your passengers safe on the road. By controlling the speed and allowing the vehicle to stop, drivers rely on brakes every single to day to protect their lives from obstacles in the road and collisions with other cars and stationary objects.

Brakes, just like other parts of a vehicle, are produced by a manufacturer. That means, if the brakes are inherently defective or malfunction during normal use, that company may be held liable for any damages that occur as a result of that event. If you or someone you love has been negatively impacted due to brake failure, call an attorney right away. You may be able to bring that negligent company to court for potential financial compensation. This compensation could be used to help pay for any damages you experienced, including medical bills, lost wages due to missed work or pain and suffering.

In order to keep your brakes in safe, working condition, the following steps should be taken:

Make sure your brake fluid is at optimal levels. Take your car in to a mechanic Injuries From A Side Swipe Car Accident immediately if your receive a brake fluid warning on your dashboard.

Have your brake rotors inspected Policy Period Definition on a routine basis.

Make sure your brake pads are replaced when needed. A mechanic can help you identify natural wear-and-tear.

If you replace brake fluid yourself, never shake the bottle before adding the fluid to your car. The bubbles can cause serious harm.

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Injuries from faulty brakes can range in severity, from cuts or lacerations, to fractured bones, or traumatic brain or spine injuries. In the most serious cases, wrongful death may even occur. These injuries can be devastating, especially if the event could have been prevented by functional brakes. If you or someone you love has experienced any sort of injury from defective brakes, you should waste no time pursuing legal representation.