Defective Helmets

When engaging in a sporting event that puts your head at risk for an injury, such as bicycling, skateboarding or using in-line skates, the use of a helmet may be employed. Helmets have proven to be key in Are Lawyers Trustworthy protecting individuals from traumatic brain injuries and other serious consequences. However, if a helmet is defective it may do more harm than good and actually increase the severity of an accident.

Helmets, like other products, are made in bulk by a manufacturer. If a helmet is inherently defective or malfunctions during normal use, an injured individual may be able to bring the manufacturer to court on the basis of product liability. If your or someone Attorney At Law Vs Lawyer you love has been hurt due to a defective helmet, you should contact an attorney right away to begin formulating your case. You may be entitled to financial compensation under the law to help pay for any damages that resulted from the incident.

The following instances may indicate that a helmet is defective:

Ejection of the helmet due to instability

Loose or broken buckles

Loose or broken straps

Shattered visor

Ineffective at prevent or lessening injury due to improper design

Even if a sport does not seem dangerous, you may still find yourself in a collision or dire situation. For those who use a bicycle or skateboard as a means of transportation, it is especially important to keep your head protected at all times. According to reports, head injuries accounted for about 63 percent of fatalities for bicyclists in the year 2000 and that number hold steady today.

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If you have been injured and believe a defective helmet is to blame, you should pursue legal representation right away. The sooner you begin your case, the better chances you have at gaining a favorable result.