Differentiating Parking Tickets Prices

By using the word ‘parking ticket’, people’s reactions are usually met with disgust and any other form of negative derogatory connotations. In some cases it is understandable – Parking at roundabout, double yellow lines, blocking a junction, pedestrian crossings and ‘trying to park’, but instead, aligning the car so far from the curb that you are effectively still classed as on the road, albeit, static.
Within council designated areas whereby they require a fee to park for a certain amount of time, the degree of the profiteering is quite extortionate; particularly if requests such as A�5 per hour are made. Essentially, the aim of secure parking is to ensure traffic flow is maintained, whilst limiting the chance of road traffic accidents to occur as a result of people parking in those aforementioned ridiculous places.
Nevertheless, despite these prices, factors such as; security, maintenance and accessibility surely mean the user should be happy. Well apparently not so, especially when the above factors are not upheld – and this is an all too regular theme.
An interesting example of the neglect and irresponsible behaviour shown by a council within car parks is where a parking attendant who had been operating the park for several years, claimed Personal Injury Complaint Sample to be from the council, and collected everyone’s parking fees. Needless to say, he had no affiliation with the council whatsoever, and instead, took the money all for himself.
However, I am not going to state, “chargeable car parking should be removed”, but perhaps a simple alternative which creates cheaper parks can be proposed, meaning heavier fines for those who abuse the system by parking on busy roads. This can therefore compensate for any loss in parking fees.
It is those select few who let everyone else down and realistically probably need their licences revoked, nevermind a charge. Advancements have been made to get around the concept of inner town parking by using the shuttle Family Law Retainer bus idea. This has been successful, but for the benefit of road users who merely park in unused back streets and still get the same fine as those who park beside those junctions. A review is simply required.
As it stands, the universal idea of the A�60 fine needs to become more flexible. General common sense can help determine the most appropriate charge for a given situation. It is continuously frustrating when there are yellow tickets littered on car window who are within a residential area, at no harm or risk to the public whatsoever. Maybe its another falsified person issuing tickets at his own profit, but within these situations, I have a small feeling that it is the council’s idea this time.

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