Dog Restraints

Dogs are often cited as man’s best friend, although it seems sometimes like humans are less willing to act with their four-legged companion’s best interests in mind. In particular, if a person needs to bring their dog with them somewhere that would require driving, it is rare that any sort of restraint or travel safety device is used. However, if an accident occurs, dogs are at risk of being injured as much as anyone else, and can suffer significantly worse due to their small size.
Without seat belts, dogs can suffer catastrophic injuries even in slow-speed collisions. At slow speeds, dogs can still break bones and sustain deep lacerations due to the sudden deceleration of an accident. While humans benefit from the protection of both seat belts and air-bags to guard them from striking dashboards, steering columns, and windshields, dogs are afforded no such protection.
As dog owners may travel with their animals with decent frequency, several companies have created products to help canines safely ride with their owners. Perhaps one of the most Accident Attorney San Bernardino basic forms of protection involves a safety harness, which essentially is a fixed, full-body leash. This can help dogs remain stationary in sharp turns and traffic incidents.
One solution that has been invented aims to both keep dogs from being injured in a car accident and to keep animals from distracting drivers. Combining the basic safety harness with a basket-like device, these safety restraints How Do I Make A Personal Injury Claim hold dogs in a safe place while providing the basics of, essentially, a dog-friendly seat belt. While these are useful for some, owners of larger dogs may find these models too small or constrictive for their pets.
Another option is to use a travel crate. While dogs may not necessarily appreciate the confinement of the crate, it will still keep them safer than if not used. For more information about dog safety in an accident, contact a car accident lawyer.

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