Driving With Cyclists

Bicycling has been a popular recreation activity for people of all ages for a very long time. The various types of bike riding, from extreme off-road mountain biking to road racing to leisurely cruising through parks, allow people to find a style that fits their desires and surroundings. In urban areas, there are many bikers who ride for fun even though it means taking to the roads and sharing space with cars. There are also an increasing number of individuals using bicycles to commute to work, school, and other destinations. This means that it is more important than ever for cyclists and drivers to learn to share the road and provide the safest environment for all parties.
Cyclists must take responsibility for their own safety. In many larger cities, riders can find informal classes designed to make them more comfortable and aware on busy streets. Helmets and other protective gear, if worn properly, can protect bicycle riders from serious injury, or even death. When riding at night, front and rear lights are crucial in making sure you are visible to drivers. Cyclists must be sure to follow all traffic laws and signs, just as if they were driving a car. Being on a bicycle is not an excuse to run stoplights or assume right of way.
Drivers must be on the lookout for bicyclists at all times, and be careful to treat them as equals on the road. For example, when taking a right turn, make sure to check a your passenger-side blinds pot to avoid side-swiping a cyclist. If at all possible, it is best to fully Auto Accident Lawyer West Palm Beach change lanes to pass a bike rider in your lane. Do not drive or park in bike lanes, and when parked on the street, check your rear view mirror to avoid opening a door into a cyclist. Drivers must be particularly vigilant in areas they know have heavy bike traffic.
There’s no question that having bikes and cars on the same roads can create stressful situations for both the drivers and cyclists. The most important thing to remember is that Defence Counsel Uk both vehicles have a right to travel safely and comfortably. To accomplish this goal, courtesy is key. Avoid distractions, keep a cool head, and follow the rules of the road.
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