DUI Accident Penalties Consequences

What Happens After A DUI Accident: Penalties and Jail Time Assessed Based On Injuries and Property Damage
Any person who decides to drink then drive should be well-aware that they have an increased risk of an accident because of the alcohol in their bloodstream. Whenever someone uses alcohol or a mood-changing drug, it can affect their ability to operate any kind of motorized vehicle in a safe manner. DUI accidents tend to be regarded as much more serious than when a person who is sober and as had an accident.
Public Outcry and States’ Response
As more people learn about the number of DUI accidents and how prevalent they are, the public outcry over the damage they cause increases. Most states have passed stringent laws to punish those people who choose to drink and drive and cause accidents. All states recognize the 0.08 percent blood alcohol content percentage as being legally drunk. Any accident they are involved in is considered a DUI accident.
How DUI Penalties Are Assessed
When someone is pulled over by the cops and is deemed to be intoxicated, it’s generally thought of as a misdemeanor. Penalties will generally be light, so long as there have been no injuries or property damage. However, if the Do I Need Personal Injury Protection intoxicated person did cause an accident that results in injuries or property damage, then the penalty becomes a felony, which is a serious charge. The jail time given is generally dependent on the seriousness of the injuries.
On top of a long jail sentence, they could also face serious fines and probationary periods if the accident also caused injury and major property damage, much longer than it would have been for a similar crime without injuries or damage.
Drunk drivers almost always get their license either suspended or revoked, as keeping them off the road is the biggest concern. It’s always possible to have their driver’s license reinstated until the trial but that’s not always a guarantee and losing the driving privilege is immediate. The person who caused the accident will also be held responsible for all court costs and be ordered to a substance abuse treatment program.
Drunk drivers are not always responsible for a traffic death but accidents of this type tend to cause 32 percent of vehicle deaths. Sometimes it’s the drunk driver who ends up dying because they failed to use their seatbelt. Most times, however, it’s the innocent people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time that are killed.
In the majority of states, any person involved with a DUI accident where fatalities occurred will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. If they are convicted, they can face a long prison sentence. While it’s possible to get the sentence reduced by a judge or by having good behavior while in prison, most states have a mandatory sentence, which means they have to serve this minimum amount of time before being allowed “time served”.
What You Can Do Stave Off These Problems
The best way you can avoid a DUI accident and all the subsequent damages that go along with it is to not drink and drive. If you Vehicle Accident Lawyers Brisbane want to drink, be sure you drink lightly or have someone take you home. Keep yourself and others on the road with you safe.

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