Escalator Injury Risks

Escalators help to move people through subways, office buildings, and shopping malls, to name a few. They have become a common assistant for pedestrian travel in buildings and complexes across the country. If they are not designed or maintained properly, however, escalators can pose a hazard to the riders who rely on them. Knowing the injury risks associated with escalators can help to keep you and your family safe from a serious escalator accident.

Accident Causes

Like all equipment, escalators may malfunction from time to time. Unfortunately, even a small error can lead to an accident. Some of the common causes of escalator accidents include:

Design flaws

Poor manufacturing or installation

Worn escalator belts

Step collapse

Lack of safety guards

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, riders are mostly commonly injured when they fall from the escalator or when hands, feet, or clothing become trapped in Law Injury the machinery. Getting caught in an escalator or falling even a short distance could lead to head trauma, broken bones, or other potentially life-threatening injuries.

Who is Liable? Chances Of Winning A Personal Injury Lawsuit

To determine liability, it is important to know how the accident occurred. The property owner or manager may be responsible for poor maintenance or for failing to warn riders of an existing hazard. If a design flaw such as missing safety guards caused the accident, the design firm may be liable. Likewise, the manufacturing company may be held accountable for poor construction or installation. An escalator accident victim or his or her family has the right to initiate a lawsuit against, and pursue compensation from, the liable party.

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