Faulty Fuel Tanks and Explosions

Every automobile has a fuel tank in which it stores excess fuel, which it later uses to power its engine. This tank serves a very important purpose not only because it holds the fuel necessary Questions To Ask Accident Attorney to power the vehicle, but also because it houses highly flammable and explosive fuels that must be carefully stored to avoid the possibility of a catastrophic accident like an explosion.
When an automobile explodes, the source of the explosion is almost always the fuel tank. Many tanks may rupture and spill fuel when subjected to force, such as the force of a collision. Others may burst when excess pressure builds within the tank. In addition to withstanding force and pressure, fuel tanks must also be able to shield fuel from heat and sparks, either of which may ignite the fuel.
Tanks that cannot handle these conditions may be poorly designed or constructed. In these cases, the automobile’s manufacturer may be able at for injuries that result from explosions. This is a form of product liability, which means that the victims of an explosion may be entitled to financial compensation if they pursue legal action against the responsible auto manufacturer. Typically, defective fuel tanks are either due to a faulty design or a manufacturing defect that occurred while the tank was being made or installed.
Individuals who are caught in explosions may suffer severe burns as well as other injuries common to auto accidents. These injuries may be permanent and may How Far From The Car In Front Of You severely alter an individual’s way of life, making the prospect of financial compensation all the more valuable to affected individuals and their families.

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