Food Allergies

Of the many people that suffer from allergies, there is a smaller percentage of people that have allergies so extreme, it may lead to anaphylaxis or death when not treated. The triggers for reactions such as these are most commonly based on the ingestion of food. Food allergies are a serious threat to individuals who exhibit these symptoms and if a person is unwarned about the contents of their meal or a product they purchase, they may be in danger of experiencing these side effects.

It is the responsibility of manufacturers, restaurants, and caterers to know which of their food products may contain a substance that could lead to an allergic reaction, and to warn customers or patrons of these triggers. This can be done by listing ingredients on packaging, menus, websites, or any other places that a person may look to check the ingredients of their food.

There are many foods that can lead to allergic attacks, but the most common causes of severe reactions are:


Shellfish or seafood

Dairy products Famous Personal Injury Cases


What products

Soy Workplace Injury Response Procedure

Even individuals who suffer from reactions such as hives or swelling may be in danger of further complications if the source of the reaction is not apparent. People who are prone to anaphylaxis may be in immediate danger of an inability to breathe and in extreme cases, death. Other signs of allergic reaction to a food product include swelling tongue or lips, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, wheezing, and coughing.

It is the responsibility of food industry organizations to ensure that their customers are aware of any ingredients that may result in allergic reactions.

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