Hesperia Car Accidents Linked to DUIs and Speed

Attorney Uk Salary could have been prevented if drunk drivers were taken off the streets.
To reduce the number of car accidents caused by motorists driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the Hesperia Police Department was one of 25 law enforcement agencies in San Bernardino County that participated in the AVOID the 25 DUI campaign in 2007. The AVOID the 25 DUI Task Force conducted 14 DUI Sobriety/CDL Checkpoints, 78 DUI Saturation Enforcement Patrols and three underage drinking programs with ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) officers throughout the County. The program arrested nearly 500 suspected drunk drivers in 2007.
The AVOID the 25 DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Enforcement programs help raise the public’s awareness of the tragic consequences associated with impaired driving. ABC officers team up with law enforcement officers to conduct undercover operations designed to help reduce underage drinking at house parties and locate minors who may be in possession of alcohol. The focus is also on education. Information is distributed at checkpoints warning of the consequences of drinking and driving, and encouraging motorists to report drunk drivers by calling 911.
To further reduce the number of accidents, Hesperia installed a red-light camera Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix at one of the city’s most dangerous intersections–Main and Cottonwood.

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