How Legal Comparison Sites Generally Work

This article explains the operation of a free online service for comparison of legal services from solicitors. The service is suitable for any UK resident who requires a solicitor in connection with conveyancing, probate (wills), family law issues (divorce etc), employment law issues, or personal injury claims. The service user is able to quickly compare services and prices from a panel of over 300 approved solicitors.
UK solicitors offer a number of services to their clients. These include conveyancing, probate, personal injury, family and employment law services. There is now a free online service allowing people to find the most suitable firms and the best prices in each of those five areas.
To choose a conveyancing solicitor using the service a person is simply required to fill in details of the properties which they are interested in buying or selling. The service will them provide an immediate quote from their panel of firms. The service user can select their solicitor based on price and location, and they will be contacted directly by the solicitors firm in due course.
The breakdown of relationships can be a traumatic experience, and having the right solicitor can save a lot of stress and heartache. Solicitors specializing in family law deal with breakups of marriages, and partnerships, and can help resolve difficult problems concerning money, property and children.
Again the service can provide quotes from many solicitors (there are over 300 approved solicitors in their panel), based on the information which is provided. Car Accident Need A Lawyer This of course saves a lot of time and aggravation compared to contacting several solicitors firms separately, and giving details to each separate firm.
Whichever solicitor service is required can be found in the same way. The user should first select the service which is required: conveyancing, probate, personal injury, family or employment law. The user must then answer the questions which are required by the panel of solicitors to provide a quote.
The user’s answers will be forwarded to the solicitors on the panel with appropriate expertise in that area of law. All personal details will be kept confidential. Firms are Attorneys Who Handle Car Accidents required to respond with 24 hours with a quote. The user can examine the quotes on the service website. Email notifications are sent out when each response is ready to view.
The firms who respond with quotes will all have relevant and specialized expertise in the chosen area of law. In addition the potential client can visit the website of firms which respond to get further information about the firm.
Law firms signed up to the panel undertake to comply with a five point pledge. They pledge to be open and fair about costs, to give up-front fixed price quotes, to communicate in simple language, to respond within 24 hours with a quote, and to treat clients in a respectful and friendly manner. This free service is therefore an easy and straightforward way to get quotes from an wide panel of law firms specializing in five different areas of law: probate, conveyancing, personal injury claims, employment and family law.

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