How to File Veterans Affairs Claims

Filing compensation claims under the US Department of Veterans Affairs is not as easy as it may seem, especially if you’re into it for the first time in your life. Rules and regulations that govern the working of the Veterans Affairs (VA) system keep changing almost everyday. So, it’s almost impossible for an individual to keep track of the extremely dynamic provisions of the VA system and make claims accordingly.
Thus, when you think about filing a VA claim, the wisest thing would be hiring the services of a reputed VA attorney who’s practicing in your region. Such lawyers would be able to help you with the paper-work that’s necessary for filing a VA petition and would also extend his assistance while you start gathering different evidences which are crucial in filing such claims. Now, let’s look at some of the basic steps involved in filing a VA claim:
Before you start arranging the documents required to file such petitions, you must request a copy of your official military personnel records file. You can get this by sending a document request to the National Personnel Records Center.
After you get the records file, you must start collecting other documents which include:
1. The Report of Separation Denied Accident Claim (DD – 214)
2. Your healthcare provider’s statement(s) which should make reference to different medical findings, treatment procedures, diagnosis, and so on.
3. Social security number for each of your family members and also that of any dependent relative who may be residing with your family. Together with these, you must also present the social security award letter (or the exact amount of payment received)
4. Marriage certificate (in case you are presently married) and the birth certificates for all your kids being claimed as immediate dependents (also includes adopted and step children).
Once you gather all these documents, your VA lawyer would use these records to make sure that the Veterans Affairs system follows their own rules and gives you the money you really deserve.
Finally, when you are done with arranging all the documents, visit the Veterans Affairs Regional Office in your area and Personal Injury Damages Findlaw file your claim. You must remember to follow up with the VA Regional Office to ensure that you get the money in time.
However, when in need of legal assistance for filing a claim under the US Department of Veterans Affairs…Columbus (OH) residents must seek guidance from experienced lawyers only!

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