How to Write Accident Report in Chemical Plant

Writing accident report is performed after the accident investigation process finished. An accident report should be able to answer key information related to the accident: who, what, where, when, why and how it happened. Besides, it should also recommend preventive actions to stop it from recurrence.
Accident investigation will determine the root cause of the accident that happen in chemical plant site. And this information should be included in the accident report and it states clearly failure that leaded to the accident.
The person in charge, who is assigned to do the accident investigation, is generally the same person who makes the accident report plant. To perform such important Personal Injury Case Defense report, he or she has to be trained well about accident investigation procedure and reporting. Then, the report will be transferred for management review.
Each corrective and preventive actions mentioned in the accident report has to be completed according to the stated schedule and by the person in charges.
Contents of The Report
The first information included is the background of the accident. The background will contain such information as when the accident happened, where it has happened, what things were involved and who were involved. The persons, who were involved in the accident, can be workers, contractor workers, temporary workers, guest and witnesses if any.
The second part of an accident report is details of what has happened. The most important part is sequence of events. It explains clearly the accident from the start to finish. Other information contained in the second part is size and coverage of damage, number of injured person and death, hazard sources and type of accident classification.
The third part is analysis of how the accident happened and why it happened. By doing such analysis, all causes of accident, i.e. direct cause, indirect cause and root cause will be determined.
The last part of the accident report mentions recommended preventive actions that should be performed in order Personal Injury Negotiation Strategies to avoid recurrence in the future. The preventive actions can be immediate actions and long-term actions.

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