How Will You Pay Your Car Accident Attorney?

Individuals who have been in automobile crashes may realize they need legal advice but aren’t sure how to pay their car accident attorney. Along with physical and emotional injuries, these victims most likely have a pile of medical bills to pay so coming up with the funds to hire a lawyer may seem impossible. What these individuals will be pleased to know is that cases are usually taken on a contingency basis.
What is a contingency basis? When a car accident attorney accepts a case in this manner, he or she agrees to represent a client without money paid up front. What this means is that the case can be built and defended without any initial Accident Car Information costs to the victim. Instead, the legal fees are taken from the final settlement in the form of an agreed upon percentage. Client and lawyer will sign a contingency fee agreement upfront and the case will proceed from there.
The benefits of this arrangement are multileveled. For one thing, it allows the victim of a vehicular mishap to obtain justice without having to come up with a large sum of cash. For another, it allows the car accident attorney to help out, knowing they’ll collect in the end if they’ve tried the case successfully. In a larger sense, it helps balance injustices in the world because negligent motorists who caused the accidents will have to pay up and tight fisted insurance companies will have to loosen their purse strings.
The amount of the percentage will vary from case to case and depend on multiple factors. When a car accident attorney assesses the case, he or she may base the fee on risk factor of obtaining a settlement. Cases that are more challenging to win may have a higher percentage because winning one entails extreme skill. There are varying percentages depending on the phase where settlement was reached. For example, if a settlement was achieved in the early part of the legal battle, the percentage would be lower. If a case went to court and involved a lengthy trial in the courtroom, the percentage would be at a higher rate. Rates may be 10%, 25%, 30%, or more depending on the situation. The way it works with 10%, for example, is that if the settlement obtained in the case was $200,000, the lawyer would get $20,000 and the plaintiff would get $180,000.
If you’ve been harmed in a traffic collision, you may have suffered injuries physically, emotionally, and financially. Insurance companies may have refused to pay; police investigators may have gotten the story wrong; and you may be overwhelmed and confused about what to do next. If you have suffered from a traumatic Government Attorney General traffic mishap and think there’s nothing you can do about it due to lack of funds, you can relax. An auto accident attorney can assess your case and take it on a contingency basis if he or she believes it is winnable. The best thing to do is to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation with a reputable lawyer.

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