I Was the Victim in a Motorcycle Accident, What Are My Personal Injury Rights?

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you have exactly the same rights as victims of automobile accidents. Unfortunately you may not be treated equally by the insurance companies. They may see you as a risk taker and may not give you the benefit of the doubt. The problem with motorcycle safety is this: the things that most protect you from injury are the very same things that inhibit your freedom of movement, which is the reason you’re riding a motorcycle in the first place.
The freedom of motorcycling also brings the greater risk of serious injury or death. No matter how safely you drive your motorcycle, for example if you have your lights on and a helmet in place, many drivers simply do not see motorcyclists until it’s too late. And if you suffer severe head injuries as a result of another driver’s negligence, but you are still alive, you likely will not be compensated for any injury received that you could have been prevented by wearing a helmet.
Regardless of your riding style, it is crucial that you carry insurance, especially medical payments along with uninsured motorist protection. Insurance law in some states is based on comparative fault, where liability for an accident is divided among the drivers involved based on the amount of fault each one has for causing the accident. Car Accident Both Drivers No Insurance Nobody plans for a large insurance settlement caused by a terrible accident. Driving extremely defensively should be your only concern. If tragedy ever does strike, it is most prudent to allow an experienced personal injury attorney to worry about the issues of liability, comparative negligence, and how to maximize your claim.
As a bicycle rider or pedestrian, you often share the road with automobiles. You are also subject to the same laws and regulations as those driving an automobile. In fact, there are additional laws that apply only to pedestrians and bike riders. The law also says you have the same rights as those in motor vehicles, and you deserve to have those rights protected if you are involved in accident.
Just because you obey traffic law, does not mean you are protected from an accident or injury. No amount of protective clothing or attention to safety can keep you from serious injury if you are involved in an accident with the vehicle of any kind. If you are on a bike or on foot, you don’t have the advantage of quick acceleration to avoid an accident that a motorcycle has. Nor do you have the protection of a still frame around you like you would in an automobile. Unfortunately, the car or truck has a big advantage.
If you do have an accident while walking or riding a bike, your injuries will probably be far more serious than if you were in a car. Bicyclists must obey all traffic signals, including stopping at stop signs and red lights. One Loss Causation And Incident Investigation must also ride in the same direction as traffic, not against it. It is a law that bicyclists must stay to the right and allow cars to pass. Also bicyclists should use hands signals to indicate when they’re turning or stopping.

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