If You Were Involved in an Accident – Tips on What to Do

One of the few thing drivers’ dreads is being involved in an accident and, whether it is a small one or a major one, it is still dreaded. Therefore, it can be a stressful time in their life; however, a few steps that should be followed during this time will be helpful in getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.
In this article, we will be dealing with what you should do if you were involved in a minor one, that is, a simple bumper to bumper where there is no physical signs of harm to either party.
Remove It
If it is possible, the first thing that you can do is to move your vehicle from the pathway of the traffic. You can park it in a safe location and this can be at the corner of the road, next to someone’s driveway etc.
It is wise to make your intentions, about parking it, known to the other driver so that he/she does not think that you are trying to flee from the scene.
Call For Help
After parking, call 911 or whatever your country’s emergency response number is.
In this day of age, it is taken for granted that everyone has a cellular phone, but this is not the case. Therefore, if you do not have one, try to locate one as quickly as possible and make sure that the cops are on their way.
Sometimes, the other party may say that there is no need to call the cops because he/she is at fault and will pay the cost for the repairs, but this does not always work out that way.
You see, sometimes, when you send the estimate to the other party, suddenly, it is no longer their fault because he/she does not want to pay for the repairs.
Therefore, it is best to have the police there, so that they can make a report of the incident. Besides, Average Cost Of Civil Court Case in many countries, the law requires that the police are called at the scene of an accident.
Information At Hand
Make sure that you take the other party’s name, telephone number, driver’s license, insurance police information and everything else that you think is important. Additionally, if you have a cell phone with photo taking ability, take some photos of the damage etc.
Keep Quiet Types Of Road Accidents Pdf
As you are waiting for the police to arrive, it is best that you do not talk about the accident. Of course, this is not talking about asking the other party if he/she is all right and exchanging important information, but apart from those, it is best to remain silent about the situation.
Claim No.
After the officers have made their report and determine who was at fault, you will be given a claim number. This number should be kept safe for future use.
If you were at fault, calling your insurance provider as quickly as possible and appraising them as to the situation will be the next move.
If you were not at fault, when you call them, you will need to give them the other person’s policy number so that you will not be paying a deductible because of this.
Collision Centre
Finally, make sure that you take the vehicle to a collision centre, because, not only will you need to make sure that everything is alright with it, but also, it may be required by law in your country. Make sure that you do this within twenty-four hours of the situation.
From there, the insurance company will deal with providing you with an estimate of the repairs and they may even see about getting you behind the wheels of a rental vehicle and that will be it for now.
Therefore, just for a quick wrap-up, if you were involved in a collision, you must remain at the scene, but move the vehicle out of traffic, call the cops, exchange information, remain quiet, get the claim number, call your insurance and then take the vehicle to a collision centre.

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