Important Pedestrian Safety Recommendations

Though walking is an eco-friendly and healthy form of transportation, individuals would be wise to understand the safety risks associated with this particular behavior. Because there is very little protection between a walker and a fast-moving vehicle, pedestrians are at risk for severe injury should a collision occur. However, there are certain safety recommendations that may be able to keep walkers safe on the road and free from harm if adhered to on a daily basis.

Though human error on behalf of the pedestrian is common in some accidents, others accidents may be caused the negligent behavior of another individual, such as a driver. If a driver is engaging in reckless behavior or is operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, an injured pedestrian may be able to secure compensation from him or her through a personal injury lawsuit. If you or someone you love was hurt in a pedestrian accident at the hands of a dangerous driver, call an attorney in your area immediately to begin formulating your case against him or her.

The following tips may help a pedestrian stay safe on the road:

Do not walk on freeways or restricted zones.

Always use a sidewalk if provided.

Only cross a street when legal to do so. Pay attention to the traffic signals for the appropriate time to cross.

If you are walking at night or in hazardous weather, make sure to dress in bright clothing Personal Injury Claims Rights and wear reflective gear. Carry a flashlight with you for those especially dark nights.

Use extra caution when walking near multi-lane streets Questions To Ask Accident Attorney or on roadways where the speed limit is high.

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Try to make eye contact with a driver to make sure he or she sees you at all times.

Do not walk while you are intoxicated. Just like driving, alcohol can impair your coordination and ability to make rational decisions.

By following the above recommendations, you can protect yourself from harm while walking to your destination. However, if an accident does occur and it is the fault of another, you deserve justice under the law. By bringing that individual to court, you may be able to receive compensation to help pay for any damages that resulted from the incident. Speak with an attorney today to find out if you have a viable case.