Information About Swimming Pool Accidents

Everywhere across the country, community pools and private pools are known to draw in large crowds during the spring and summer months. Many Texans enjoy swimming with their friends on a hot summer day or laying out in the summer sun. With the large number of people hitting the pool for the summer, the potential for accidents to occur may How To Negotiate Personal Injury Settlement Without An Attorney increase. According to statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, about ten people die from unintentional drowning every day across the United States. Data from 2007 shows that 3,443 fatal drownings took place that were non-boating related, with another 496 boating-related fatalities occurring in that year.
Other studies published by the CDC show that unintentional drownings are the second most common cause of wrongful death for children ages one to fourteen, as one in five fatal accident victims of unintentional drownings are age fourteen or younger. Additionally, for every child who was fatally injured in a drowning or swimming pool accident, another four were treated by emergency crews for nonfatal submersion injuries. When injuries involving swimming pools and submersion into water are compared side by side to other types of unintentional injuries, it is obvious that these are some of the most deadly and dangerous types of injuries. A study even shows that more than 55 percent of drowning victims who are treated in hospitals and emergency departments will require hospitalization or transfer for higher levels of care. The rate of hospitalization for other unintentional injuries is three to five percent.
If your family member has been injured or fatally harmed by a swimming pool accident, it is very important for you to understand the serious nature of this accident. Not only will this require extensive medical treatment right away, but a victim may need lifelong medical care and attention, especially if the accident inflicted a brain injury onto the victim. When a situation such as this arises, it is important for you to understand your rights and your option to pursue justice. Whether a danger or hazard on another’s property led to your loved one’s injuries or criminal behavior caused your family member to suffer wrongful death, you can fight to pursue the compensation you need.
Additionally, by taking legal action, you can effectively prevent another accident of this nature from occurring on the property. By making a public pool safer or encouraging a neighbor to put a fence around their pool, you may be saving the life of an innocent child or adult. It is up to you to speak up and advocate for the injured when your family member has Workers Compensation Laws Progressive Era suffered due to an unsafe property or swimming pool. Swimming pool accidents are extremely unfortunate and can devastate an entire community, but they are one of the rather unhappy circumstances of life. You can learn more about swimming pool accidents and the actions to take to prevent accidents of this nature by talking to a personal injury attorney today.

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