Injuries Incurred From Staircase Collapse

Staircases are an integral part of any multi-story building and the structural integrity of these spaces is rarely questioned. However, there are many incidents of staircase collapse that can lead to catastrophic injury of innocent people. This type of accident can be caused by many different errors, but when negligence and disregard for safety precautions are the source of the collapse, any injured parties may be eligible to take legal action against the liable party.

Staircase collapse can lead to serious physical consequences for anyone on or near the structure and compromise the reliability of the rest of the building. Some of the common injuries incurred from these accidents include:

Broken bones


Internal bleeding

Organ damage Medical Payments Exclusion

Traumatic brain injury


These consequences can be physically and emotionally costly. The medical expenses required to treat such injuries can exceed the means of many people. However, if liability is proven, the victims may be Accident Vs Negligence able to receive financial support for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other accident-related expenses. In some cases, staircase collapse accidents can even lead to a loss of life.

Some of the possible negligent parties in these accidents include the individual or company in charge of designing the building, the construction crew responsible for building the stairs, any inspectors or companies in charge of ensuring that the building is in line with safety codes, any individuals or companies in charge of making repairs to the structure, and the homeowners or building managers. An error made by any of these people can lead to severe physical consequences for others.

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