Lawn Mower Safety Guide

Lawn safety matters. From the smallest hover mower to the most powerful garden tractor, the right choice makes lawn care easier and more fun. But we shouldn’t forget that mowers are powerful machines – used unsafely, it’s easy to have a lawnmower accident: they can, and do, injure and kill people every year.

Lawn mower safety when using your machine

Knowing how to use a lawn mower safely is a function of common sense and the machine-specific information in the user manual. The first step to safety (and this can’t be over-emphasised) is to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Reading the manual will also give you important information about looking after your lawnmower, protecting your investment and using its features to the full. The following principles apply to all mowers:

Read your mower safety instructions

Check the mower for condition before and after use

Lawn mower blades are sharp – wear protective footwear

Check the lawn for debris before mowing

Weather conditions matter – electricity and water don’t mix!

Wear eye protection

Push (hand operated) mowers away from you

Manage cables to avoid cutting them

Use a suitable RCD Employment Expert Personal Injury for electric machines

Keep children away from garden equipment

Switch off and disable a mower before cleaning it or working on it

Petrol mower safety

Special safety considerations apply to petrol powered machines, mainly concerning the storage and use of fuel:

Never smoke near the lawnmower or its fuel!

Store fuel safely – and never more than legally permitted amounts

Don’t refuel in confined spaces or when the engine is hot

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Keep ignition sources away from the mower and its fuel

Remove the spark plug before working on a petrol mower

Ride-on mower safety

Ride-on mowers and garden tractors are small agricultural vehicles. Specialised safety considerations apply to these. The best advice, as with all mowers, is to read the manufacturer’s safety instructions, seek advice from the retailer or consult a reputable online resource. Retailers usually provide safety instruction when the machine is delivered: listen carefully and apply the information when you use the machine.

The importance of regular lawnmower servicing

As well as preserving the value of your investment (maybe several thousand pounds in the case of a ride-on mower) and maintaining its operational efficiency, regular servicing is essential Rear End Lawsuit for the safe operation of all mowers. It’s the same for lawnmower repair – mower safety is on the line, so don’t cut corners with anything less than repair by an established specialist.