Lost Wages and Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve suffered an injury causing you to lose work, you deserve compensation. But it can get tricky legally when you’re trying to figure out how much your lost income is worth. In some cases, with a regular job, a short amount of time lost, Home Remedies For Accident Pain and clear evidence of the injury making it so you can work, you will have no problems. Other times, you may have trouble getting the same job again, must factor that in, and it can get more complicated. This guide will explain both situations.
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Here’s a situation where calculating lost wages can be easy. You have a regular 40-hour a week job, you never work overtime, and you miss one month wages. In this example, the insurer should have no problem in paying the lost month of wages. You might be owed $3,000, for example, have proof of your injury via a doctor evaluation, and quite simply get compensated. As long as liability in the injury is clear, you work a regular job, and you have doctor proof, you should have no problem in claiming lost wages. On the other hand, you may get a more difficult case.
If It Gets Difficult
What happens if you lose even longer periods of work? What if you get better earlier? What if the job is no longer there when you are ready to return? Quite simply, it gets complicated. If you miss 6 months of work, for example, but when you try to return the job is gone, what compensation should you get? With doctor evidence and proof of lost wages, it may not be difficult. But it’s up to you to document all these lost wages. If you stand to get $20,000 in six months, but had no job to return to, the value may be twice that for your personal injury claim.
How to Value Your Claim
It’s not just lost wages; if you lose your job it may mean you deserve even more money. In certain positions, you may lose an edge over others in the work force – and have no job to return to. You may be a college professor but lose your teaching job. You may be a mechanic and get passed over for a promotion. You may be a doctor and someone moves into your position when you are gone. There are some protections for loss of jobs, so it’s important to value these in your claim. A lost job is much more valuable, of course, than a few weeks or months lost work time.
How to Get Legal Help
If you are unsure as to how to start, it’s time to get some professional legal help. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer. It’s his/her job to prove liability, to prove the state of your injury, to get you proper compensation, and to protect your future. The more complex the claim – and the higher the value – the more need you have of an experienced lawyer.

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