Making a Claim For Personal Injury

Most of us will have seen that ghastly television advert where that dubious looking fellow asks ‘Have you had an accident? Was someone else to blame?’ and either not paid any attention, wondered how we might get some money out of it or pooh poohed it as ambulance chasing nonsense. Accidents happen, we are all aware of this and most of the time it is not anybody’s fault it is just that, an accident.
But what happens when you do have an accident and it really was someone else’s fault? How do you go about making a genuine Car Damage Lawyer claim? Well, the first thing you need to do is find a specialist solicitor who can give you sound, honest advice.
Avoid the ambulance chasers, they are just in it for the money and they don’t care about you or your injury, they just want to make a fast buck out of you.
Before you consult a solicitor, you will need to have evidence of your accident, preferably collected at the time with witness statements to back it up. Even if you don’t have witness statements, No Fee Unless You Win Lawyers Near Me names and telephone numbers are a good place to start. There will be some witnesses who will be happy to help and others who want nothing to do with it, so always be polite and unthreatening.
If there were no witnesses, medical reports will be beneficial and any photographs of the scene at the time will be helpful. You must also contact your own insurers and give them all the details. If circumstances dictate, do inform the police of the incident as there may be a case for them to investigate too. A police report will also be good evidence for your case.
In some instances, the insurance company will help you with a claim, it all depends upon the type of accident and the circumstances. However, a word of caution here, some insurance companies will try to make you accept a very small sum because they know that you are probably not fully familiar with the legal technicalities of accident claims. They will also look for any loophole that allows them not to pay, so you need to be on the ball here.
If you feel that you do have a feasible claim, do tell your insurers but also, see a specialist solicitor for proper legal advice.
There are so many different types of accident that you can potentially claim for, that many firms will offer you a free consultation. When they agree to take you on, there are a lot now who won’t charge you directly for their services but be careful here as some will take a cut of any compensation you receive.
A reputable firm will give you proper advice about all aspects of your claim and will be able to tell you quickly whether or not a claim is viable. So do choose your representation carefully.

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