Making an Accident Claim For an Office Injury

Accident claims for injuries sustained in the workplace are increasingly common, with factories and construction sites being the most dangerous places to work statistically. However, although they are considered safe places to work, there are still risks in offices and anyone who is injured at work may be entitled to make an accident claim.
Employers in offices have the same duty to comply with health and safety regulations and to take all practicable steps to ensure safe working practices and a safe workplace as employers on building sites or in factories have. If an injury is sustained and it can be proven that the employer’s failing in this duty caused the injury then an accident claim is likely to be successful.
Most office injuries arise as a result of inadequate work station, desk and seating provision. This is why one of the most common injuries is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), a long term injury caused by typing. Other common risks include tripping on trailing computer wires or slipping on wet or icy floors. Electric shocks are a particularly Child In Car Accident Compensation serious example of injuries that can be sustained in the office, whilst back injuries are common too. In these cases, the employer would be considered to be failing in its duty to the employee if the electrical equipment hadn’t been tested or was faulty or if the employee had not received full training on proper lifting techniques.
Many employees are afraid to lodge an accident claim against their employer and it is certainly a delicate matter. However, an employer cannot legally Medical Malpractice Demand Letter terminate a contract of employment on the grounds of an accident claim and the claim may well save another person from being injured in the future.

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