Making Bicycle Accident Compensation Claims Easy

Cycling has become an increasingly popular mode of transport in recent times. The uncertain economic climate has caused many to take to their bikes in order to save money on petrol and the rising costs of public transport. Here’s a few statistics to set the scene:
• 90% of cycling accidents occur in urban areas• 75% of cycling accidents happen on, or near, a road junction• 80% of cycling accidents occur in daylight• 80% of bicycle casualties are male• About one quarter of cyclists killed or injured are children• About three quarters of cyclists killed have major head injuries
These statistics show how frequently bicycle accidents occur, and just how serious they can be. In many of the cases the injured party will have grounds to make a bicycle accident compensation claim; however, it is surprising how many people are completely unaware of the compensation they are legally entitled to.
It is important that individuals involved in cycle accidents are not just aware bicycle accident compensation is available, but the process they should go through to maximise their chance of success.
In the case of a minor bicycle accident it is possible for individuals to settle any losses they incur directly with the driver or their insurance company. This will include only minor damage to the bike and Car Accident Lawyer Fees other property. However, cyclists should be careful as any damages received at this stage will put an end to the case and preclude a bicycle accident compensation for injuries incurred further down the line.
If an injury is incurred then you should contact specialist bicycle accident compensation solicitors who will instigate the claims process for you and make the claim Personal Injury Strategies far more likely to succeed. Any claim will normally need to be supplemented by medical evidence in the form of reports from medical experts and solicitors.
As far damages are concerned, the more evidence you have, the more straightforward a claim will be. Any documentation, whether it’s purchase or repair invoices or receipts for other expenditures such as travel as well as all medical treatment, all are invaluable and will help to speed up a bicycle accident compensation claim. Proof of a loss of earnings in the form of payslips or tax returns will also aid the recovery of compensation.
As far as the accident itself, as much evidence should be taken from the scene as possible. This may be in the form of witness statements, photographs or the contact details of onlookers. The details of the driver responsible for the accident should also be taken down. If they are unwilling to disclose this information then the car number plate should suffice.

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