Making Personal Injury Claims

When someone suffers an injury that is not their fault then usually someone can be held responsible and so should be made to compensate the victim. There are certain things that should be done in order to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.
Obviously each case has different circumstances and so the following are merely guidelines that should be followed:
Medical attention Car Accident Lawyer Toronto
The first and most important thing that should be done is seeking medical attention for your injuries. If you are injured on a commercial or government premises then you should call for the trained first aider that is on duty at the time. Post Accident Investigation If you find yourself being injured in a public place and you feel that immediate medical attention is required then you should either contact the emergency services or make your way to the nearest casualty department for treatment.
Even if you feel that your injuries are not severe enough to warrant a visit to hospital you should still try and see your GP as soon as possible for a professional opinion. Sometimes following an accident an injury may not be apparent as you may be suffering from mild shock.
Documenting the accident
All businesses are required by law to keep an accident book. Any accidents that occur or injuries that are sustained should be recorded by a member of staff. If the severity of your injury is such that you are not able to ensure that this is done when the accident happens then you must either return as soon as possible to make your report or send someone on your behalf.
If you are injured at a location where recording the accident is not a possibility (i.e. trips or falls on a street while you are the driver or passenger of a vehicle) then try to get the details of any person that may have witnessed the incident. If you are in a road traffic accident then it may be wise to contact the police to ensure there is an official written report.
As any evidence that can be provided may help with your eventual accident claim then photos of the scene and your injuries may also be a big help.
Consulting a solicitor
When you feel that your health allows then it is imperative that you contact a solicitor as soon as possible. When contacting your solicitor make sure that you have all dates and information pertaining to your injury at hand. Many solicitors now offer services on a no win no fee basis meaning that there is no need for you to payout any expenses as this should be covered by guilty party if your claim is successful.

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