Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims

Motorcycles account for only 1 % of the total UK traffic, however alarming facts show that they constitute 20% of the serious injuries and fatalities that occur on roads every year. In the year 2002 over 600 motorcyclists died in road traffic accidents and almost 7000 suffered from serious injuries. Motorbike accidents are particularly more severe than car accidents due to the vulnerability of riders during collisions. In comparison, a rider of a motorbike has 40 times more likelihood to be killed than a car driver. Figures also indicate that motorcycles have 16 times the rate of serious injuries per 100 million vehicle kilometers compared to cars, and double the rate of bicycles.
Approximately 60% of motorbike road traffic accidents involve a collision with cars. The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) found out that other road users’ perception are confined only to cars in proximity disregarding the presence of motorcyclists on roads and motorways. This adds up to the existing threat to motorcyclists.
If you have had a motorbike accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to make a motorbike accident claim History Of Workers Compensation today. Pursuing claims can be of ease with the help of legal specialists having years of experience and expertise.
After the accident, the foremost concern is the safety of rider and the passengers involved. Following the provision of medical treatment, legal advices should be sought for. Basically from the initial telephone conversation with the solicitors, necessary information is obtained pushing for your motorbike accident compensation claim. The process will be explained and an estimated time frame will be given for when the claim will be brought to a conclusion. The initial advice is often free and the decision to continue is solely done by the client. If the company implements a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement, it shall be discussed before continuing the case. A face to face meeting either at home or at our office can be arranged upon your discretion.
From minor cuts and bruising to accidents with severe injuries, an amount of motorcycle accident compensation can be ensured. Managing the repair and restoration of the affected motorcycle or provision of replacement hire bike and liaising with How To Prove Personal Injury Claim insurers are other services that can be done within the pursuance of claims. In addition to the motorbike accident claim application, damaged personal items due to the accident, loss of earnings and claims for future losses are included.
Dealing with a motorcycle accident claim is quite complicated involving paperwork and negotiations. But how can you deal with of all these details if you are suffering from health problems caused by the accident. This is the situation wherein employing solicitors becomes convenient.

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